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Weekly Online Training with Acorn Labs

Date:   Thursday, January 18, 2024
Time:   10:00am PT  |  1:00pm ET

Join us for a hands-on training to learn all about using Acorn to build and deploy software.  Acorn is a cloud platform built for everyone. With a big free sandbox, it gives you the chance to try software, or run your own software.  In this session, Acorn senior engineer Bill Maxwell will provide a hands-on overview of how to get started with Acorn and incorporate it into your development workflow.  Over the course of the training, he will cover:
  • Deploying your first Acorn
  • How to write Acornfiles and create Acorn Images
  • Using Acorn to create databases
  • Managing deployed Acorns
  • Using Acorns dev mode to do continuous development
If you would like to follow along, it would be ideal to have the Acorn CLI downloaded and an account on Acorn. You can read the Acorn getting started guide here:


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